Three facts about Samoa that will make you love it more

Samoa is a wonderful place to be in. The climate is very welcoming. To say that the place is gorgeous is an understatement as well; the clear blue sky and the serene sea meeting at the horizon is just so beautiful, not to mention the waterfalls and the volcanoes. It is a perfect mix of urban convenience and the tropical leisure.

But Samoa has a lot more wonderful things other than the beauty. Here are five facts about Samoa that will make you love it more.

  • Samoa is geographically interesting

Samoa is actually composed of nine islands. The two largest which accounts of 99% of the landmass are Upolu, which has the capital Apia, and Savai’i, Samoa’s largest island. They are volcanic islands giving rise to lovely views.

  • The food is fresh and natural

If you go full on the Samoan cuisine, you will find out that they may have perfected the unplugged cooking; they use earthen ovens made of hot stones to cook their meals. Imagine how succulent their meals made with fresh ingredients are!

Also, one Samoan delicacy you might want to try is the palusami. This has young taro Leaves dripping with coconut cream and it tastes absolutely heavenly. If you prefer fish, there is the Oka, fish steamed in coconut cream. Their coconut dish will really make you go nuts.

  • They are not called the happy people for nothing.

Bright smiles await you in Samoa. Those smiles are very sincere as well; life in Samoa is very peaceful and full of leisure. Their hospitality is also one has to experience; it is very common for them to offer you their lap when you are riding one of their public transportation. So please do not think they are hitting on you. They have a culture of warmth and openness. They will treat you like family.

But knowing those three facts will never be the same as experiencing it; experience this paradise and find out just how loveable it is.

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