Things to know about flying while pregnant

Flying while pregnant has a lot of risks involved; however that does not mean that you should never fly by air. There are doctor recommendations and airline regulations that need to be addressed. There are also some issues regarding the comfort and the benefit of time reduction for your travels if you go by air.

Here are a few interesting questions and useful things to know if you decide to fly by air while pregnant.

  • Is passing through Airport screening machines safe?

Simply put, a big resounding yes. Airport scanners discharge around 1 microservient when conducting a full body scan. How much microservients are needed to affect a developing baby? 500,000. You can be rest assured that it will not affect your baby.

  • What is the best or most safest time to travel by air if pregnant?

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy is the most crucial development phase. Not surprisingly, the highest number of miscarriages and highest risk as well is in the first trimester. Additionally, morning sickness is also very present, giving you a much harder and more inconvenient time to travel. On the other side, the last trimester also brings a lot of fatigue.

The best and safest time to travel while pregnant is the second trimester. Just a heads up, some airlines wont allow you to travel when you are 36 weeks in your pregnancy, or 32 if you are expecting twins.

  • What are other important things to remember?

Hydration is very important. Remember to drink, even if it makes you go to the rest room a lot. Try to be mobile; if it is possible to stand and walk a little bit every thirty minutes, it will help. To be more comfortable and safer, buckle the seatbelt under your bump.

Flying while pregnant is safer than most people think. With prudence and your doctor’s blessing, travelling should be a comfortable experience.

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