The Samoan weather will make you want to stay longer

The weather in Samoa will make your good vacation an even better one. You can feel the tropical air blowing on your face. You can smell the sultry air of coconuts and the sea. Sounds too picturesque to be true? Then you have not yet experienced the wonders of a vacation in Samoa.

Travel from New Zealand to Samoa should be a breeze. The fastest one would be from Auckland to Samoa, which should be a flight of almost 4 hours (on average 3 hours and 55 minutes). But don’t fret if you can travel from Auckland; the longest flight would be from Queenstown, which is at most 8 hours, give or take a few minutes if flights are not delayed. Of course, if you prefer to travel by sea, that can also be arranged.

With Samoa located near the equator, expect the typical hot and humid air, which is perfect for your samoan vacation. It feels really good to be bathing under the warm sun in the clear cool waters of samoan beaches.

Also, do not forget that we also have a wet season and a dry season. The wet season runs from November to April and is perfect for those who wants to feel and hear the pitter patter of rain. Dry season will run from May to October.

The weather in Samoa is best experienced with light clothing. Like the life being lived here, simpler means better. A cotton shirt will allow the cool and refreshing samoan air to just flow while you take a walk along the coastline. Going barefoot on the sandy beaches feels almost therapeutic. Also, if you are visiting during the wet or rainy season, having a raincoat or umbrella will be smart to do.

The weather in Samoa is your perfect companion to your perfect vacation. Try it and the memory of a refreshing breeze will surely make you want to stay longer.

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