A great way to cut your travel time to Samoa

The method of travelling to Samoa is absolutely important to your experience. They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and we want your first steps to be as comfortable as possible. With the distance between Samoa and New Zealand being literally thousands of miles, it would be best to cut down the time.

Starting off on the right foot will do wonders for your travel. This is why traveling by air would be the most practical solution. While you can always travel by sea, the time would take days, weeks even especially if it is an indirect route. You can go with cruises but that is quite costlier.

If you choose to travel by air however, it will take at most 8 hours, and that is if you travel from Queenstown. If you travel direct from Auckland to Samoa, it will take around 3 hours and 55 minutes to arrive. Quite a lot of time saved. In fact, choosing to travel from Auckland is a no-brainer, especially if you value your time.

Now, Samoa has five airports to choose from, and if you choose to go from Auckland, the Auckland Airport is the one to choose. The nearest airport after Auckland is the Ardmore airport in Papakura, but the Auckland Airport is better since it has direct flights. While where you land in Samoa depends on your itinerary, the usual arrival hub is the Faleolo International Airport located in Apia, capital of Samoa.

Finding and booking a flight from Auckland to Samoa is relatively easy. You can just type “Flight from Auckland to Samoa” and you will have a lot of prices and dates to choose from. Usually, they cost around NZD $454 (as of July 2017) but prices change everyday.

Flights from Auckland to Samoa will definitely make your travel shorter and more comfortable. The next time you do, try booking it from Auckland and you will see how more efficient it is.

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