2 Samoa beaches you should visit

The beaches in Samoa are definitely snapshots of paradise; white sandy coastlines, refreshing shades under coconut trees, even the clear cerulean water meeting the blue sky is very picturesque. You can just click away with your camera anywhere in Samoa and you can be assured that all of your pictures have captured beauty.

Since Samoa is filled to the brim with beauty, we can suggest two amazing beaches in Samoa to help you choose. Any of these beaches will guarantee you a memory worth remembering and a place worth exploring. Read along and imagine how your stay will be loads better if you visit any of these two heavenly places.

  • Lalumano

This beach in the Upolu Island in Samoa is absolutely breathtaking. The lagoons have beautiful corals; the air is very cool. There were lots of fishes here and you could have swum with them, however the tsunami of 2011 has driven them out. While there are still a few schools of fishes here and there, they are not as plentiful as before.

There are two wonderful places to accommodate you there. These are Taufua Beach Fales and Litia Sini Beach Resort. If you prefer living in Fales or villas, Taufa Beach Fales will be perfect but if you prefer the more modern hotel, Litia Sini Beach Resort will work for you.

  • Tanu (Manase)

This beach is located in the other bigger island of Samoa. The water temperature is just perfect for relaxation and the feel of the sand on your feet is really great. Another thing to note is that this beach is seldom populated. This is perfect for those who prefer the more private beaches and want to rejuvenate or retreat from an urban environment.

Two main places to give accommodations are Stevenson’s At Manase & Vacations Beach Fales. Both are relatively inexpensive as well.

If you are planning to visit Samoa, you should try at least one of these beaches. A wonderful stay is guaranteed, especially with the wonderful sights you are going to see.

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